RUBAR composite produces composite rebar by using modern technologies. This product has found wide application in the construction industry. It is used to build foundations, concrete foundations, install resistant asphalt surfaces, reinforce marine structures, construct bridges, agricultural structures, etc. You can buy composite rebar from our company on favorable terms. The products are sold directly from the manufacturer.

Material: basalt and glass fiber roving bound to polymer on the basis of epoxy resin

Strength: at a stretching of 1200 MPa

Relative elongation: 2,5%

Density: 1,9 tons/m3

Corrosion resistance: stainless material

Thermal conductivity: non-conductive material

Electrical conductivity: dielectric material

Environmentally friendly: the material is non-toxic, it is considered to be of low hazard according to the degree of exposure to humans and the environment

Durability: predicted to be no less than 80 years.